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Blank screen with intel video cards in Salix 13.1BluetoothBoot del sistema installato su disco fisso usando il CD di installazione
Boot into existing installation on hard disk using installation CDBuilding packages with slkbuild
Can I use slackpkg with Salix?Can I use third party packages repositories?
Come posso vedere l'output prolisso in modalità console durante il boot di Salix 13.0?Creating .torrent for ISO sharing
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn't workCustomizing the desktop icons text in xfce
Di quanto spazio ha bisogno Salix sul disco fisso?DocumentationDownload
Download FluxboxDownload KDE
Download LXDEDownload MATEDownload Ratpoison
Download XfceFAQ
Flash doesn't work in opera or midoriFlash non funziona con Opera o MidoriGConf schemas and packaging
GTKManGet localization packages for KDEGet localized Firefox and Open Office
Get localized Open Office dictionariesGetting svn sources for use with slkbuildGreek-polytonic
HomeHow can I view the verbose console output during boot up in Salix 13.0?
How do I change the default system hostnameHow much disk space does Salix needHow to Beta Test
How to Enable 3-Buttons mouse option through HalHow to Greek polytonic on openbox
How to Install ATI DriverHow to Install the proprietary NVIDIA driverHow to Tune an SSD
How to access a server running in a VirtualBox guestHow to access host usb devices in a guest OS running in VirtualBox PUELHow to add fluxbox to the gdm menu
How to boot salix live using PXEHow to compile kernelHow to completely erase /tmp
How to configure my own dns server with my static ipHow to create a local slackware repository with dependency supportHow to create a public Salix mirror
How to create a video DVD from the command lineHow to define the default Alsa cardHow to enable horizontal scrolling with 3-buttons mouse
How to enable the root userHow to fix common problems due to missing or corrupt packagesHow to fix unknown types in browser
How to get an extra console in the salix installerHow to get notifications for package updates
How to install Apache HTTP server with PHP supportHow to install Atheros R8162How to install Gnome 2.26 in Salix 13.0
How to install Gnome 2.30 in Salix 13.1
How to install KDE 4How to install LXDE
How to install Microsoft fonts (Arial, Times New Roman)How to install MySQLHow to install MythTV
How to install Oracle instant client and Oracle SQL DeveloperHow to install PDF printerHow to install Salix Live on an USB key
How to install Salix on a GPT hard driveHow to install X11VNC
How to install a different kernelHow to install b43 firmware for Broadcom Wireless cardsHow to install clamav
How to install driver for Wacom tabletsHow to install multilibHow to install phpMyAdmin
How to install the Virtualbox guest additions in a Salix guestHow to install the kernel source
How to install vmwareHow to install xorg on top of Salix coreHow to login via ssh without password
How to play MP3 and other multimedia filesHow to read the salix man pageHow to rebuild the Slackware kernel with different settings
How to remove unnecessary xorg packagesHow to send/get a file to/from a remote server via command line or scriptHow to send e-mail from command line or script
How to set up Alpine with a Gmail accountHow to set up a mail server
How to set up murmur server/mumble clientHow to setup a streaming multimedia serverHow to share a printer via CUPS
How to upgrade Salix 13.0 to 13.1How to upgrade Salix 13.1 to 13.37How to upgrade Salix 13.37 to 14.0
How to upgrade Salix 14.0 to 14.1How to upgrade Salix 14.1 to 14.2How to use X applications remotely
How to use sbopkg with SalixHow to work with Sourceforge
How to work with TransifexIcons are missing in the Xfce menu
Install from a USB stick
Installare salix live su una chiavetta USBInstallazione da una chiavetta USBInstalling mimetypes with a package
Internationalize shell scriptsInternet Tethering
LILO bootloader - fix, configure and customize
MATEConf schemas and packagingMailing listsMain Page
Main menuMake XFCE power manager handle power button
MeetingNew to Packaging
NewsNo sound in headphones or speakersPackage categories
Package manager wants to downgrade packagesPackages, that are different from SlackwarePackaging rules
Pkgtxt2dbPreserve /home partition with 14.1 Xfce LivePython coding style guidelines
RSS feedsRegisterRepository mirrors
Restore fluxbox menu
SalixLive RoadmapSalixNextAgendaSalix Live logins
Salixmeetfeb2012Salixmeetfeb2013Samba file sharing
Samba file sharing no passwordSandbox
Screen artifacts with intel video cards in Salix 13.0Scrollkeeper and packagingSetup basic firewall
Slackbuilds also in Salix reposSlkbuildSoftware developed in-house
SourcerySourcesStopping spam on the web site
Submitting packagesSubmitting packages for inclusion in the Salix repositoryTeam
TwapakeUid gid slkbuild
Use a specific xorg driverUsing SalixLive build scriptsUsing UMTS modems
Using salixlive build scriptsWhy was Salix OS created?Wiki toolbox
XdgmenumakerИспользование скриптов SlackBuild и SLKBUILD
Источники пакетов для Slackware/SalixКак сделать свою сборку Salix OSПодключение сканеров Epson
Программы для работы с RAW-файлами фотографийРаспознавание текста
Создание электронной копии книги в формате DjVu в Linux