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Sourcery is a graphical frontend to the slapt-src utility, written in python and using the GTK+2 toolkit. As slapt-src, it can be used to manage (build, install or remove) packages from SlackBuild repositories like and it also supports source repositories that use SLKBUILD. As with slapt-src, multiple repositories can be used at the same time. Logs for all packages built using Sourcery are kept and are available through the Sourcery interface.

As Sourcery uses slapt-src to actually manage the SlackBuilds, slapt-src needs to be installed or Sourcery will not work. Another dependency for Sourcery is pysimpleconfig, which can be found in the Salix repositories.

Dependency support

Sourcery can use the dependency information for SlackBuilds that slapt-src provides, but dependencies are only supported for SlackBuilds repositories that include such information. The repository doesn't include any dependency information, so the users need to resolve dependencies themselves when using SlackBuilds from that repository. The SlackBuild description and README files can provide some insight on needed dependencies. You can view those, along with other SlackBuild informaion, using the "Get information" menu entry when right clicking on a SlackBuild (see screenshot No2 below).


As Sourcery is a frontend to slapt-src, it uses the same configuration as it does. The file where all configuration is stored is /etc/slapt-get/slapt-srcrc.

Building packages

By selecting one or more SlackBuilds to install and pressing the Execute button, Sourcery will use slapt-src to download all source files needed to build the respective packages, and will install the packages after they have been built.

All packages built using Sourcery/slapt-src are stored in directories under /usr/src/slapt-src.

Note: There will be some cases where the SlackBuilds at the source repositories point to broken URLs and Sourcery/slapt-get won't be able to download the source files needed to build the package. When that happens, it's usually because the original software developers have moved the source files around and the SlackBuild information hasn't been updated (yet). The best thing to do in that case is report the problem with this specific SlackBuild's maintainer. You can usually get the contact details from the website, or you can post to the mailiing list about the wrong URL. If you want to build and install a SlackBuild with a bad source URL, you will have to download the offending source file manually in the respective directory in /usr/src/slapt-src and run the SlackBuild manually. A package will be created then (most probably under /tmp) which you will have to install manually.





Sourcery is available in many different languages. The translation project is located at and you can help with translating in your language using the respective resource at the following URL:


Sourcery packages are currently available from the Salix repositories and comes pre-installed with all Salix releases.

The source code is available through github. You can clone/fork it at: