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Salix online meeting (4th August 2013)


Active participants

  • gapan
  • djemos
  • JRD
  • mimosa



  • gapan is working on "salix package installer", a new tool that will install using slapt-get or slapt-src, wherever the package is available
  • also the idea is that if a slackbuild has a dependency that is available through slapt-get, it will get it


  • JRD will coordinate with djemos on further Live development
  • but he is going on holiday in three weeks
  • this means there probably won't be time to incorporate his work on EFI in this release cycle
  • djemos has also been working on salix kde live, which is ready for beta release

Donation button, Salix organisation, and our hopes for the future

It was agreed to create a donation button, but not a formal salix organisation, at least for the time being

  • JRD felt that even given the current size of the team, it would be worthwhile to create such a structure to lay the ground for future growth
  • gapan felt that in practice, Salix is not a self-sustaining organisation
  • djemos emphasised the importance of keeping Salix alive, as the priority, and also hopes the team will grow in future

Other matters

  • sadly, fredg has left the team
  • thanks to Thenktor for his work on the new website
  • it was agreed to host slackel on
  • migration to the new server is proceeding

Things we have decided to do and who will do them

  • gapan will create the donation button
  • djemos and JRD will carry on working on Live
  • they will make an effort to improve coordination
  • mimosa will continue organising team meetings

The next meeting

Not everyone may be able to come, but we can all contribute to what will be discussed at the next meeting.

The original agenda

  • Options for server arrangements: the server itself, and who will administer it
  • Salix e.V.
  • Donation button
  • We are meeting every other month. Is this a good frequency?
  • Improving communications
  • Thanks to fredg for his many contributions to Salix