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Active participants

  • akuna
  • Didier_Speier
  • djemos
  • gapan
  • jrd
  • laprjns
  • mimosa


Timing of releases It was agreed that only one beta / RC should be in public view at a time, with the next one being announced as beta only after the previous one has been released as final. The aim of this is not to divide the attention of users on the forum who may test and give feedback. gapan should have the final say on when it is time to move from RC to final.

Naming of Live isos They should follow the standard iso naming, like "salixlive-kde-14.1beta1.iso", or "salixlive64-14.1beta1.iso" for 64 bits.

Live JRD and djemos have both been working hard on live development from different angles: SaLT scripts use aufs, requiring a custom livekernel built with the requisite module. The alternative is to use unionfs-fuse, which creates difficulty with unmounting because the driver is in user space (under /). However, SaLT still needs some more work, whereas the approach djemos has been working on already appears to be working well. It was agreed to go with SaLT on the basis that it should be ready in two months, making a decision in mid-June as to whether enough progress has been made for that to be realistic. mimosa will work with djemos and JRD, particularly on testing, to form a Live team working collaboratively. akuna felt that the key to making a success of this is for JRD and djemos to work very closely, rather as akuna and JRD used to, for instance phoning regularly:

" If there was any ways you two could shorten the cord somehow, then the live project would profit greatly since you are both talented and passionate about your work. ;)"

"simply when we worked together we had a common agenda and worked together on it, checking and testing each others work, sharing ideas directly, etc.."

JRD has created pylibsalt as a common library for all Salix live tools, as well as cleaning up the code to make it easier for others to work on. This means another round of testing and debugging. It is necessary to use a proper testsuite rather than doing it on an ad hoc basis.

Internationalisation of standard installer Didier_Speier has offered to help with this.

Salix Openbox Now that Maté has been released, it is time to turn to Openbox.

The next meeting

Not everyone may be able to come, but we can all contribute to what will be discussed at the next meeting.

The original agenda

  • mimosa: Policy for announcing betas of Salix versions
  • mimosa: Role of Salix Slackbuild index (or whatever it is), specifically, should cases where a package is available from Salix repos be excluded? spi already prefers them anyway
  • mimosa: proposed team of three to develop Live: JRD, djemos, mimosa. For greater collaboration and communication and to ensure continuity of the project when one person has other commitments
  • gapan: live releases iso naming