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Recommended UID/GIDs

There are recommended UID/GIDs for use with SLKBUILD scripts: Defaults Slackware UID/GIDs


This previous list is maintained by the SlackBuilds.org team. If you build a package that is not on that list, we can discuss about it on the Mailing List and then, add it to the list below.

 User:	partimag    UID: 77
 Group:	root


Note that recommended UID/GIDs should not be created automatically when the user instal the package.

All informations have to be written in a README.Slackware file which will be in the /usr/doc/$pkgname-$pkgver directory, the user will have to add specific UID/GIDs to his system by hands. A little note in the slack-desc can be usefull.