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Active participants

  • djemos
  • elderdryas
  • gapan
  • laprjns
  • mimosa


14.2 Slackware has still not gone to beta but this must surely be imminent; the fact that Pat has held off so long suggests he may be contemplating major chages (such as systemd). So there isn't a lot of time to do anything else for 14.1 beforehand.

Live It was agreed to produce a 14.1 Live beta on the basis of djemos's existing work - using xfce, as the Salix flagship DE. This will require a lot of testing. jrd hasn't been around much for a while so sadly, for the time being, it is not possible to build on his hard work. The beta will use "Salix Live Installer".

The next meeting

Not everyone may be able to come, but we can all contribute to what will be discussed at the next meeting.

The original agenda

  • djemos: on live cd's creation approach using slackware-live scripts i have add the ability to include (if user wants) both pae and non-pae kernels and initrd for 32bit images. Kernel is same slackware's kernel used on installation isos while both initrd images are created at iso build image time. Non-pae boot and installation has been tested and worked fine on vmware.
  • gapan: are we going to release any other editions for 14.1?
  • djemos: a.Preparation of KDE edition. (There is SalixKDE-14.1beta1 released on April 2014) b.are we going to release liveisos for 14.1?