How to Install ATI Driver

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Things to have

In order to install the AMD/ATI official driver you will require the following:

- The latest driver from AMD found on this page: [1].

- You need to have the kernel-source and kernel-headers packages installed.
kernel-source is not installed with the default OS. You will need to run 'slapt-get -i kernel-source' from a root terminal to install it.


In a root terminal run the following command

 # bash amd-catalyst-installer-<release>-<architecture>.run --buildpkg Slackware/Slackware

That should create one standard Slackware package for you to install using installpkg

 # installpkg fglrx-<version>-<architecture>.tgz

Just to be sure the driver is going to work check the /etc/fstab file to see if this line is present, if it's not add it

 tmpfs	/dev/shm	tmpfs	defaults	0	0

Configuring your system

To make the driver work you'll need an xorg.conf file. In order to create a minimal working xorg.conf file run the following command

 # aticonfig --initial

And you're ready to go, just reboot your computer and enjoy your 3D acceleration.

Upgrading your Kernel or mesa version

If you upgrade your kernel or mesa version, you have to create a new package following the instruccions of the Installation part.

And then install the new package with upgradepkg

 # upgradepkg fglrx-<version>-<architecture>.tgz

Uninstalling the Drivers

If for whatever reason you don't want to use the drivers anymore and want to remove them first run the following command as root

 # aticonfig --uninstall

then just use removepkg to uninstall the driver package