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NOTE TO USERS: The last time this page has been updated was on April 8th, 2012.

This page was created to help coordinate efforts around SalixLive's project. It will also help providing info about the current stage of the project & finally will serve as a Changelog when 'To do' items migrate into the 'Done' section.

The name(s) in bracket beside each item correspond(s) to the person(s) responsible to make things happen.


SalixLive 13.0

  • Live kernel [JRD]
  • Put LiveCD relevant components on svn [JRD|Shador|Akuna]
  • EXT4 bug detection [JRD]
  • "changes" hang on reboot [JRD]
  • "noload" workaround for "core" [JRD]
  • CDROM eject [JRD]
  • Finetune Splashy [JRD]
  • Grub2 boot menu [Shador]
  • Live Installer [Akuna]
  • LiloSetup [Akuna]
  • Startup Guide [Akuna|JRD]
  • Iso [JRD]

SalixLive 13.0.1

  • Live Installer upgrade [Akuna]
  • LiloSetup upgrade [Akuna]
  • Package upgrade [JRD]
  • Startup Guide upgrade [Akuna|JRD]
  • Init.rd upgrade [JRD]
  • Iso [JRD]

SalixLive 13.1.1

  • New "live kernel" with patches for Squashfs4, Lzma/xz & Aufs2 [JRD]
  • CDROM eject [JRD]
  • New Grub2 install script [JRD]
  • Grub2 boot menu upgrade [Shador]
  • LiveClone [Akuna]
  • Live installer upgrade [Akuna]
  • Startup Guide upgrade [Akuna|JRD|Tsuren]
  • Xfce iso [JRD]
  • LXDE iso [Christian]

SalixLive 13.1.2

  • Core install bugfix [djemos|gapan|Akuna]
  • KDE iso [djemos]
  • Xfce iso [JRD]
  • LXDE iso [Christian]
  • Fluxbox iso [ax|Kerd]
  • Startup Guide upgrade [JRD|Tsuren]

SalixLive 13.37

  • 32bit live kernel [JRD]
  • 64bit live kernel [JRD]
  • Switch from LLS to SALT [JRD]
  • Upgraded GRUB2 menu [Shador| JRD]
  • Adapted LiveClone to SALT [Akuna|JRD]
  • Adapted Live Installer to SALT [Akuna|JRD]
  • Adapted Persistence Wizzard to SALT [JRD]
  • Xfce iso [JRD]
  • KDE iso [djemos]
To Do
  • Startup Guide upgrade [Tsuren|Akuna|JRD]
  • LXDE alpha iso [Christian]
  • Fluxbox alpha iso [ax|Kerd]