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Salix online meeting (8th June 2013)


Active participants

  • djemos
  • fredg
  • mimosa


  • gapan said hello but was unable to stay because of a family emergency.


<fredg> JRD wants to use lxc and isolate Salix - a kind of freebsd jail but there hasn't been time to do it yet

Work on KDE and Live

  • djemos has been working hard on both of these
  • he feels frustrated at the lack of user response and testing
  • mimosa wondered whether steps could be taken to encourage more user participation, such as a link on the homepage
  • maybe users think they are too inexperienced to test and they may be reluctant to install a test version

Moving Live earlier in the release cycle

  • mimosa suggested that partly for this reason, Live should be released with the standard (XFCE) installation version
  • Then all other versions should be released as both Live and Install
  • Those present agreed in principle. JRD (responsible for salt) and gapan (xfce) need to say what they think
  • This means focusing a lot of effort on Live earlier in the release cycle. The benefits:

- it might encourage more users to help with testing - it would satisfy the high user demand for a Live version of the latest Salix

djemos's Live release is not official

  • fredg felt this might not have been clear enough to users, though djemos did mention it in his announcement
  • It was agreed that in similar circumstances, it would be worth talking about it on the ML first
  • This version of Live ironed out a lot of problems but it is not based on the new salt
  • mimosa suggested JRD and djemos should work together to incorporate the progress made in the official Live

Setup Centre

  • fredg has taken over development of Akuna's setup centre. It is now on github, the SalixOS account.
  • He also plans to make a salixWizard to help users select locale for browser, LO etc.

UEFI boot

  • JRD is also working on this, using hardware kindly provided by tsuren

Salix 14.0.1

  • We didn't actually discuss this because gapan was called away, but there will be a micro-release with updated kernel before any of the versions are released.

Things we have decided to do and who will do them

  • The server still needs to be dealt with
  • The official Salix organisation too
  • mimosa will update packages for Maté from 1.4 to 1.6, with help from fredg

The next meeting

Not everyone may be able to come, but we can all contribute to what will be discussed at the next meeting.

The original agenda

  • gapan: release 14.0.1 with updated kernel
  • mimosa: Have we done the things we said we'd do last time?
  • Set up Salix e.V.
  • Set up sudoers for servers
  • Keep talking
  • mimosa: As Akuna said: it is good just to talk, swap news, keep in touch ...