How to install driver for Wacom tablets

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This guide shows how to install the drivers needed to make more recent Wacom tablets work in Salix 14.1

Note that the xf86-input-wacom package, available from the repositories, is intended to provide full support for Wacom tablets, and should be tried first. If it doesn't work, a more recent driver may be needed.

Prepare and build

Kernel source is needed for the build:

sudo spi -i kernel-source 

Download and unpack the tarball, and build the driver:

tar -xf input-wacom-0.23.0.tar.gz
cd input-wacom-0.23.0
./configure --prefix=/usr

Note that more recent versions of the input-wacom script don't work in the same way; this one worked with my tablet.

Install the driver

Follow the instructions output by the script to copy the driver needed for your tablet to the right place under /lib/modules; use sudo to gain root privileges. Then rebuild module dependencies:

sudo depmod -a

before rebooting.