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The Salix installation ISO doesn't contain localization files for Firefox and Open Office because all files really would take too much space. But it's very simple to get these programs in your own language. You have to know what locale you are using and search the required files with slapt-get. In this example the locale is "de" for German (of course you have to change it to your needs):

slapt-get --update
slapt-get --search l10n-de

This will result in something like this:

root[~]# slapt-get --search l10n-de
 kde-l10n-de-4.2.4-noarch-1 [inst=Nein]: kde-l10n-de
 koffice-l10n-de-2.0.2-noarch-1 [inst=Nein]: koffice-l10n-de
 mozilla-firefox-l10n-de-3.5.3-i686-1gv [inst=Nein]: mozilla-firefox-l10n-de German
 mozilla-thunderbird-l10n-de- [inst=Nein]: mozilla-thunderbird-l10n-de (German)
 openoffice-l10n-de-3.1.1-i686-1gv [inst=Nein]: openoffice-l10n-de German

Then just install your needed stuff:

slapt-get --install mozilla-firefox-l10n-de openoffice-l10n-de

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