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This simple tutorial shows how to add a virtual PDF printer that allows to print directly to PDF files. Many linux software has this option already (Firefox) and many others allows to print to Postscript (.ps) files that can be easily converted to PDF with ps2pdf command. This virtual printer however is visible for Wine, which might be sometimes helpful.

Install cups-pdf support

This can be done readily:

slapt-get -u
slapt-get -i cups-pdf

Configure CUPS

In order to configure CUPS one can access it with a browser using http://localhost:631/. Go to Administration -> Add printer and select CUPS-PDF.


Then you will be given a chance to specify name and description for the printer:


In the next step select Generic driver:


and generic model:


The final step is to define options for the virtual printer:


How to use the PDF printer

Unfortunately the printer will not ask where to save created PDFs. It will create a new directory named PDF in a users`s home folder where the generated files will be stored. Their names will correspond to their job names in CUPS. The output directory can be changed by editing file /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf, namely this line: