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Active participants

  • djemos
  • gapan
  • jrd
  • laprjns
  • mimosa


New Slackware kernel There is a new patched kernel for Slackware 14.1 which might have meant making an initrd for the4 installer, but fortunately, it turns out to be compatible with the old one, so it will now be possible to release Salix 14.1 Xfce. Well done everybody!

Ibus djemos worked very hard on putting together a workable set of packages for ibus, but it proved impossible to achieve reasonable functionality for Chinese and Japanese. Ibus will therefore be dropped from the 14.1 iso, though packages will be available in the repositories. Mimosa undertook to look into a better solution, especially something called "sogou".

Release planning Salix Xfce 14.1 will be released immediately; Live is not far off, requiring just some final touches for bootsetup and grub. JRD's package for grub2 will go in the repositories, incorprating some scripts by djemos. KDE and Openbox will be released after a reasonable interval as beta. A Core iso can also be released as beta shortly. The repositories will be closed for new submissions in the near future.

Guide This has been a team effort and is now nearly finished. Many thanks to all who contributed. It can be accessed at

Default filesystem Because of the imminent release of 14.1, it is now too late to change this even if that was the decision. Any performance differences are probably minimal. ext4 may now be pretty reliable, but so is xfs. Neither are good for SSD (because of journaling) but this can be turned off.

The next meeting

Not everyone may be able to come, but we can all contribute to what will be discussed at the next meeting.

The original agenda

  • JRD: we should discuss about the choice of xfs for /
  • release planning for 14.1 including Live
  • gapan: ibus