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A lot of software that is used by Salix is developed in-house. Here is the complete list:

  • depcheck - a tool to check dependency files against the system
  • depfinder - finds dependencies of Slackware packages
  • depmin - minimizes the dependency list
  • dotnew - a utility to manage .new system configuration files
  • GMountMan - A GTK mount manager for local devices that uses gvfs
  • gnsu - A gksu/gksudo replacement using sudo as a backend
  • GTKMan - a simple GTK+2 manual page viewer
  • LiveClone - a GUI utility that clones a live system
  • lxc-salix - Scripts and stuff to aid running lxc on salix.The file lxc-salix is a template for lxc-create
  • manifest - Script to generate a Slackware MANIFEST file for a package repository
  • pkglist - script to make a simple Source and SLKBUILD Salix repository UI
  • pukka - script to provide information about packages and their dependencies across editions
  • salixtools - command line tools for system administration
  • simpleconfig - a python library for managing simple configuration files
  • slkbuild - an arch-like wrapper script for easy packaging
  • Sourcery - a GTK frontend to slapt-src
  • twapake - a tool that help you manage last installed packages
  • xdgmenumaker - create xdg menus for several window managers


Apart from software that the user can run in the distribution, there are several scripts that we use to create and maintain Salix iso images and web presence.

  • iso-creation - Scripts that are used to create the Salix standard installation iso images
  • Pkgtxt2db - A tool to convert PACKAGES.TXT file to various databases formats
  • repo-scripts - Scripts that are used to maintain/update the Salix repositories
  • salt - SalixLive creation scripts

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