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If you want to contribute to Salix at Sourceforge you first have to register a Sourceforge account and get part of the Salix project. Contact one of the project admins for this.


Edit Salix svn source code

Quickstart guide

You can get a local copy of the complete salix source tree as usual by:

svn checkout

Of course it is also possible to get only special sources. Example:

svn checkout

Then start editing the files. When you are done you have to run:

svn update

If you have added or removed files or directories you also need these commands:

svn add dir|file
svn rm deprecated-file

After that you can upload your changes with the following command:

EDITOR=geany svn commit


svn commit -m "Updated some translations"

You can specify a short changelog of your changes with option "-m" on the command line. If you don't, you will be prompted to specify the changelog using your favorite text editor (you will have to set the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variable to an editor first or you will get an error message that you should).

Advanced guide

To get a full blown svn documentaion have a look at

Upload file releases

You have to be a project admin to upload files. Then create a shell to sourceforge:

 ssh -t USERNAME, create

This shell will stand for 4 hours. Create the directories needed (if any) under Salix directory:

 mkdir /home/frs/project/s/sa/salix/NEW_DIRECTORY

Upload the files using scp:


Make sure new folders are group writeable, so other project admins can add/delete files to the new folder, too. At las announce the release in the announce forum, distrowatch, or wherever you like ;-)