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Salix Live team discussion


Salix Live brings together several elements:

  • salix-live -- configuration for salt-scripts for each Salix flavour

These were abstracted from existing code as part of a major cleanup to make development and maintenance easier in future

BootSetup uses os-prober as a backend, but os-prober has a bug (for detecting windows 8 efi sometimes), so need to decide how to handle it. It is a Slackware package.

Testing new libraries

0. Install pip from repos, and wheel from pip:

sudo pip install wheel

1. Clone library from github, e.g.:

git clone

2. Go into cloned directory and do ./make install (not as root); will be installed in $HOME/.local

3. Module can be imported in python directly

NB (optional, correct utf-8 problems with help() function): may need to put the following in .bashrc:

export PYTHONSTARTUP=~/bin/

and in `~/bin/` add:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import division, unicode_literals, print_function, absolute_import
import sys

This step is not mandatory at all.

Please see the Python coding style guidelines

Bootsetup has moved to a wizard interface (in efi branch for now) instead of one window with everything.

This should make debugging and development easier because the parts are independent




We will meet on 6th July at 16.00 UTC (=18.00 in France, 19.00 in Greece) to discuss progress