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  1. Blank screen with intel video cards in Salix 13.1
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Can I use slackpkg with Salix?
  4. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn't work
  5. Customizing the desktop icons text in xfce
  6. FAQ
  7. GConf schemas and packaging
  8. Get localization packages for KDE
  9. Get localized Firefox and Open Office
  10. Greek-polytonic
  11. How do I change the default system hostname
  12. How much disk space does Salix need
  13. How to Beta Test
  14. How to Greek polytonic on openbox
  15. How to Install ATI Driver
  16. How to Install the proprietary NVIDIA driver
  17. How to Tune an SSD
  18. How to access a server running in a VirtualBox guest
  19. How to access host usb devices in a guest OS running in VirtualBox PUEL
  20. How to add fluxbox to the gdm menu
  21. How to boot salix live using PXE
  22. How to compile kernel
  23. How to completely erase /tmp
  24. How to configure my own dns server with my static ip
  25. How to create a local slackware repository with dependency support
  26. How to create a video DVD from the command line
  27. How to enable horizontal scrolling with 3-buttons mouse
  28. How to enable the root user
  29. How to fix common problems due to missing or corrupt packages
  30. How to fix unknown types in browser
  31. How to get an extra console in the salix installer
  32. How to get notifications for package updates
  33. How to install Atheros R8162
  34. How to install Gnome 2.26 in Salix 13.0
  35. How to install Gnome 2.30 in Salix 13.1
  36. How to install LXDE
  37. How to install MythTV
  38. How to install Oracle instant client and Oracle SQL Developer
  39. How to install PDF printer
  40. How to install Salix on a GPT hard drive
  41. How to install a different kernel
  42. How to install clamav
  43. How to install driver for Wacom tablets
  44. How to install multilib
  45. How to install phpMyAdmin
  46. How to install the Virtualbox guest additions in a Salix guest
  47. How to install vmware
  48. How to install xorg on top of Salix core
  49. How to play MP3 and other multimedia files
  50. How to read the salix man page

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