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Base team

In alphabetical order (by alias).

Dimitris Tzemos


George Vlahavas

  • Alias: gapan
  • Package suffix: gv
  • E-mail: vlahavas(AT)gmail(DOT)com
  • Roles: Founder, project leader, standard iso(s), system GUI tools, package quality control, packager, translator, stuff that nobody else really cares about
  • Github:
  • Location: Greece
  • Languages: Greek, English
  • Interests: Music, hiking with my dog, sci-fi

Thibaud Guerin

  • Alias: guth
  • Email: guth(AT)ploposor(DOT)com
  • Roles: Jabber server manager, Sed guru

Tim Beech

Thorsten Mühlfelder

  • Alias: thenktor
  • Roles: Founder, admin
  • Year of birth: 1982
  • Location: Germany
  • Languages: German, English


In alphabetical order (by alias).

Mario Iván Ruvalcaba


Richard Lapointe

  • Alias: laprjns
  • Package suffix: rl
  • Repository:
  • Email: richard(AT)laprjns(DOT).com
  • Homepage:
  • Roles: package tester, packager
  • Year of birth: 1957
  • Location: Connecticut, USA
  • Languages: English

Chris Farrell


Other translators

In alphabetical order (by alias).

Imar van Erven Dorens

IDvED portrait IMG 2603.png
  • Alias: imar
  • Package suffix: ived
  • Email: gambit73 AT gmail DOT com
  • Roles: Zarafa packager and translator for Dutch
  • Website:
  • Birthday: 7th of march, 1973
  • Location: Schiedam, Netherlands
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French, German
  • Interests: IT, Climbing, Movies, my gf and kids

Yarema Prykarpatsky

  • Alias: knedlyk
  • Email: yupadmin AT gmail DOT com
  • Jabber: yupadmin AT gmail DOT com
  • Roles: Translator for Ukrainian
  • Year of birth:' 1974
  • Location: L'viv, Ukraine
  • Website:
  • Languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian
  • Interests: Computers, Linux, Science, Science Fiction, Adventures, Mountains...

Kris Thomsen

  • Alias: Kristho
  • Email: lakristho AT gmail DOT com
  • Roles: Translator for Danish
  • Website:
  • Birthday: 16th of april, 1991
  • Location: Kolding, Denmark
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Interests: IT and music

Peter Polonkai

  • Alias: Polesz
  • Email: polesz AT nedudu DOT hu
  • Roles: Translator for Hungarian
  • Website:
  • Birthday: 2nd of november, 1969.
  • Location: Eger, Hungary
  • Languages: Hungarian, English
  • Interests: Computers, Linux, Theme design, Music

Fernando Velo

  • Alias: seacat
  • Email: seacat.linux(AT)gmail(DOT)com
  • Roles: Translator for Spanish
  • Year of Birth: 1967
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Interests: Computers, movies, music and history of the aviation

Localized Community

Matthieu Luczak

  • Alias: ralvex
  • Email: ralvex(AT)salixos-fr(DOT)org
  • Roles: French speaking community website creator
  • Year of Birth: 1982
  • Location: France
  • Language: French


This is all quite normal and to be expected as we all have a life apart from Salix, most of us that are able to contribute actively to Salix project today will eventually go on to other (greater) passions and/or priorities tomorrow.

Here we want to convey our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to the following folks who each contributed to Salix in some important ways in the past and have since moved on to (greater) passions and/or priorities. They all played a part in making Salix OS what it is today and we wish them much success in their present enterprise.

In alphabetical order (by alias).

Pierrick Le Brun

  • Alias: akuna

Antonio Napolitano

  • Alias: ax

Christian Dersch

  • Alias: christian

Frédéric Galusik

  • Alias: fredg

Cyrille Pontvieux

  • Alias: JRD
  • Package suffix: cp
  • Email: jrd(AT)enialis(DOT)net
  • Jabber: jrd(AT)jabber(DOT)cz
  • Roles: Founder, Live CDs architecture, Live kernel maintainer, XFCE Live iso, main repository server manager, packager
  • Repository:
  • Website:
  • Birthday: Nov. 13th, 1981
  • Location: Lyon, France
  • Languages: French, English, Japanese (a little)
  • Interests: Animation, Mangas, Development, Rollers

Vasile Coman

  • Alias: Kerd

Max Boon

  • "Alias:" maximuus.

Luis Henrique Mello

  • Alias: lmello

Phillip Watkins

  • Alias: pwatk

Andreas Born

  • Alias: Shador

Markus Muttilainen

  • Alias: stillborn

Tomoki Tsuchiya

  • Alias: tsuren